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The three little pigs…

…who went to market the other day averaged 230 pounds hanging weight. Exactly what we were aiming for! And Church reports the spread was only five pounds…227, 230, 232.

Can’t wait for our share! There is no matching fresh farm-raised pork. It’s akin to corn or tomatoes right out of the garden. And Thistle Hill pigs have the advantage of browsing for acorns…producing pork like the Spaniards do (and charge so much for!).

Hanging Hams in Spain
David's daughters and their mother sampling the ham in Spain.

By coincidence, my daughters and their mother are in Spain right now…where raising pork is an art form. Every region has its own special taste…and pigs raised on truffles can bring as much as $300 a pound. Acorns are also the favored food in some places.

Those in the know sample the ham and sausages along the way…fortifying them for the journey or sight-seeing.

This year, for the first time, we’re raising Spanish heritage pigs…although we’ve been very satisfied with the English Tamworth and Gloucester Old Spot.

Give Church a call if you’d like to reserve a half pig or more for the end of the year. Phone: (214)-802-1283


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