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This just in…

…all natural grass fed, grass finished beef!  Now there’s a delicious mouthful…and nutritious, too! Thistle Hill Farm is back in full operation now under the direction of grandson Church Humphreys.  Our focus remains the marketing of the very best Devon seedstock but that doesn’t mean we can’t set aside a limited number of animals for […]

Spelled my name right….

…but not too many people have noticed my “Zen-like” serenity.

You’re so vain….

….oh, alright, but hear me out.  Several years ago, I was so crippled up I walked bent over like an old man and I hurt all the time. Thanks to a physical therapist and her staff in nearby Warrenton—plus an improved diet and plenty of red wine—I snapped out of it.  The therapist’s name is […]

I’m from the government and I’m here to help you….

We try to keep politics out of our blogging….we really try.  But the #&*@! pointy-headed bureaucrats are doing it again. They’re about to promulgate a regulation which would make it illegal for us to have our grandchildren join us in working on the farm.   From the time they’re able, some of our grandkids love to […]

On the soap box (again)…

If Thistle Hill has a secret weapon, it may be our mineral program.  It’s certainly not a “top secret”; many natural livestock people do what we do.  But it is not generally used in the commercial industry because of the cost involved. A cow grazing in the wild doesn’t need mineral supplementation.  She can select […]

From the Soap Box….

Sometimes it seems to us that farming is a bit like the canary in the coal mine, a kind of early warning system.  It’s the farmer who first saw the dangers of modern, industrial agriculture.  He tried to tell us that not only was he being shoved off the land, but that the corporations replacing him […]