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Another totally unnecessary….

….”enhancement” of bacon.  It’s called a Swineapple roast.                                 Pork ribs ringed by pineapple and then a crust of bacon.  This suggestion is from our son, Church Matthews, website.  (He’s been away from the farm too long!)

So what is Chipotle doing about it?

This is the most complete article we’ve seen on what the fast-food chain is doing about the food-poisoning outbreak.  Complete except that it doesn’t say anything about how this all happened after Chipotle abandoned grass fed beef and substituted the industrial product used by everyone else. It’s also interesting that the company brags about using […]

Mission accomplished….

…if you detect a note of smugness, it is because “Boss Hog” has bred our three sows and is now looking forward to the “blessed event” in March. He’s a Gloucester Old Spot…and an ideal cross for our Tamworth.  There’s a good reason the British call Tamworth “the bacon breed” and GOS increases the yield without […]

You’ll have to use your imagination….

….impressed by the various dishes she’s seen here, daughter Linda sent in her own.   It’s (or was) a maple mustard ham steak with sherry raisin sauce. Words like “delicious” and “fantastic” accompanied the photo…but nothing about “come on over and taste it!”  This is actually the first time she and Bill have tried our Thistle […]

How good is Thistle Hill pork???

Well, modesty has not been one of my more noticeable traits.  But even I had to blush reading this rave review we received about our most recent pork from Brooke Henley of Middletown, Maryland. The pork is heavenly! What an animal! And the processing is amazing too! So far we’ve sampled two cuts of bacon (definitely […]