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Lest we forget…

Thistle Hill Farm pigs

…pork is on the way.  Five pigs that look like they’ll be ready from now to Christmas.

This year we’re raising mostly Berkshires…with some Tamworth thrown in.  Most pig growers seem to eventually settle on Berkshires for the flavor…and all-around performance.

In the past we’ve favored Tamworth and Gloucester Old Spot, but we thought it was time to try the popular favorite.  All three of English heritage breeds and each has their advocates.  These Berkshire are the best-mannered we’ve had so far…and finishing faster than others.

In this picture they’re being fed a mixture of spent brewers grain and a growers ration heavy on corn.  Ours pigs are raised entirely on pasture with the benefit of some acorns from nearby trees that add special flavor.

The first bacon should be ready in several weeks.  Contact Church for more information or to order.

(214) 802-1283


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