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Spoken for…

…the three larger pigs anyway. If you want all or part of the remaining two, contact us now. They should be ready by the holidays but we won’t rush them.  It takes time not only to fatten properly but to cure and smoke. You choose the curing you want along with the size of the […]

This little piggy…

…went to the freezer. Two of the pigs we’ll be harvesting between now and the holidays. They’ve passed 250 pounds and the closer they are to 300, the better we like them. These are mulefoot pigs…descendants of pigs brought here by the early Spanish explorers. Their diet now should be adding some acorns from trees […]

Perfect for summer grilling…

…just in time for your family cookout: Thistle Hill steaks, ribs and burgers. For the first time we’re offering individual packages…no longer only bulk sales! You owe it to your family to try delicious, healthful grass fed Devon beef. Our animals are raised and finished without supplements, pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics. Hamburger is wrapped in […]

I see bacon in our future…

It was a moment of celebration…the day pigs made their renewed appearance on Thistle Hill pastures. Nothing tops the flavor of fresh, naturally raised pork. I put it right up there with fresh off the vine tomatoes and off the stalk corn! Meat from these pigs will be available in the fall but you can […]

Just because it’s interesting….

….though perhaps not to you.  We check the Sugar Mountain Farm website from time to time because it’s a good source of information on raising pigs.  Recently there was a discussion about whether pigs could be trained to work together as “warriors” much as dogs are. Pigs can be fearsome animals and bear watching when […]

Thistle Hill alumni club….porcine chapter…

….Thistle Hill sows are smarter than your average pig!                                 Consider exhibit 1: These two sows had their litters minutes apart….and instead of remaining on opposite ends of the barn, they’ve combined their “resources”.  All the babies nurse on row on one sow and then move to the other sow.  Meanwhile, the first sow flops over […]

In case you were wondering…..

….people are always coming up with value-added cuts.  For instance, the very latest idea is breeding Bacon Burgers.

Mission accomplished….

…if you detect a note of smugness, it is because “Boss Hog” has bred our three sows and is now looking forward to the “blessed event” in March. He’s a Gloucester Old Spot…and an ideal cross for our Tamworth.  There’s a good reason the British call Tamworth “the bacon breed” and GOS increases the yield without […]

We aim to please….

….nothing’s too good for a Thistle Hill animal.  It turned very cold the other night and so we put out a bale of hay for our pigs to burrow into for warmth.  Today it’s sunny and the temperature is rising so they simply plopped down on top.  That’s our new boar and his three sows.  […]

Yes, we’ve got pork….

….though it’s still on the hoof. We do expect harvest in time for the holidays.  The larger pigs are approaching 250 pounds or a little more.  Our target weight is 300. This group includes Gloucester Old Spot though most are crossed with Tamworth, our favorite for bacon.  Next year we may experiment with raising a greater […]