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This weekend one of our bull-renters delivered a litter of six piglets to Thistle Hill Farm.

It was cold and gusty, and I was glad their hay-filled pigloo didn’t blow away. These four brothers and two sisters are Tamworth Berkshire crosses. Originally from central England, Tamworths are known for their red color and long abdomen, which makes for wonderful bacon. The Berkshires are black, sometimes with white spots, and produce meat […]

The Class of 2021…

…the next batch of piglets have arrived at Thistle Hill and will “graduate” next March! We’ve pretty much settled on crosses of Berkshire and Tamworth for our purposes…both are heritage English pigs known for their bacon and hams. We’ve also found they’re easy to handle…no minor attribute when dealing with pigs.  Their predecessors incidentally are […]

Lest we forget…

…pork is on the way.  Five pigs that look like they’ll be ready from now to Christmas. This year we’re raising mostly Berkshires…with some Tamworth thrown in.  Most pig growers seem to eventually settle on Berkshires for the flavor…and all-around performance. In the past we’ve favored Tamworth and Gloucester Old Spot, but we thought it […]

Happy great-grandparents day…

…after swearing “no more pigs”, Church has surrendered to my wearing down and come up with some excellent piglets in nearby Lynchburg. You can’t always be sure from a photo of course, but these look like exceptionally healthy, well cared-for youngsters.  Some are Berkshire and the rest are a Berkshire-Tamworth cross. I’ve always been partial […]