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A true confession…

…I must admit I never liked pork much until we processed the first pigs raised at Thistle Hill.  The difference between that pork and the factory-raised pork in restaurants and supermarkets was unbelievable…greater even than the gap between store-bought vegetables and the garden variety.

Recently Carolyn prepared one of our ham steaks and it was delicious.  She reports she used only some hot mango chutney sauce and cloves…cooked at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.  The result:

Thistlehill Farm Ham
Photo by Carolyn Matthews

Not to be outdone, grandson Church thawed some pork chops for his dinner.  Even the best steaks would have trouble competing with this!

Thistlehill Farm Pork Chop
Photo by Church Humphreys

Since that first experience…I’ve tasted other pasture raised pork and it’s been excellent too.  But as with our beef, I think Thistle Hill is blessed with its soil and water…its terroir…making our meats just a little tastier.

You can order your pork now by emailing Church at churchhh@gmail.com


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