The final three…

by David

…and we finished with about a third of our calves being females…which is good news for our meat customers!

THF 24 is a pretty sturdy heifer at 78 pounds.  The dam is a lovely American cow, 256, and the sire is British, TDA Essington.

THF 25 is a very sound bull calf…out of one of our top American cows, W64…and again sired by  Essington.  Birth weight 80 pounds.

THF 26 is our lightest calf this season…just 45 pounds.  Mom is small and a heifer.  She wasn’t sure what to make of the whole thing at first but now the little heifer is packing on the pounds.  Sire is our English bull, Ransom.

Our vet tells a Church that calves have been averaging heavier because of warm temperatures this Fall.  That’s been true in our herd…several really big calves would seem to have driven up the average weight.  Maybe Church can total them up and give us the average.


THF 24
THF 25
THF 26