The parade of bulls…

by David

…this time features a young bull exactly one year old, F100. He’s a combination of English genetics.

Thistle Hill - F100

The sire is the great English champion Cutcombe Jaunty.

The dam was selected by Wooz on what turned out to be her final visit to England. She choose an Ashott Barton Tulip heifer which in turn we mated to Jaunty. All this in a clinic outside Oxford.

The resultant embryo was shipped to Virginia where we implanted it in a top Thistle Hill cow…in our Rotokawa line, in turn from New Zealand.  That recip is a vital part of the whole process.

So there you have F100…a citizen of the world!

When we first traveled to England looking at Devon we had no idea that trip would lead to archiving the most pure traditional Devon genetics still to be found. We were only wondering if crossing some our best with the best England had to offer would strengthen our herd.

As F100 demonstrates, we think it has. Most obvious is the deep ruby red haircoat of the pure English Devon. We also find the English to be more sturdy and balanced.