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The parade of bulls…

…this time features a young bull exactly one year old, F100. He’s a combination of English genetics. The sire is the great English champion Cutcombe Jaunty. The dam was selected by Wooz on what turned out to be her final visit to England. She choose an Ashott Barton Tulip heifer which in turn we mated […]

This ain’t Kansas…

So what’s a pure English Devon bull doing in Virginia? He’s the result of the last mating Wooz designed on our final trip to southwest England a few years ago. The dam comes from the famous Tulip line…renowned all over the island. The sire the equally-renowned Cutcombe bull named Jaunty. The resulting embryos from the […]

The cycle begins again….

….with our first calf of the season….a Traditional Devon™ bull calf, TDA 20.  He’s an adventuresome fellow.  Here, just a half day old, and he’s returning from a jaunt about 500 yards from his mother.  She waited by our Gator as he sauntered back across the field. The dam is TDA Cashtiller 2, daughter of […]

Lord of the manor….

….THF Jackpot, (below) winding up this year’s tour of duty.  His calves from last fall are far enough along now that we can safely say they’re the best we’ve seen so far. It’s almost as though he was saying “don’t forget about me” in response to all the attention we’ve showered on the English bull, TDA Churchill. […]

What we did on our summer vacation….

….visited Devon farms, of course.  And there’s none prettier than John and Patsy Forelle’s “Folly Farm” near Pine Planes, New York.  You may remember it as the scene of the glamorous closing banquet of the then-new North American Devon Association.         John and I served on the NADA board for several years […]

A Traditional Devon update….

….just back from a trip to South Carolina and Georgia, looking at the latest British imports.  This heifer is two weeks old, a product of Essington’s Buttercup and our herd bull, Millennium Falcon.  Essington has been closed down now so we’re fortunate to have saved genetics from that grand old herd developed by Brian Drake. […]

Stealing in….

…under cover of darkness. Traditional Devon America’s final calf in this class…TDA 15.  She’s a Tillbrook Cashtiller heifer by Cutcombe Jaunty.  We did very well we think.  All nice, thick calves with deep Ruby Red coats.  Three heifers; three bulls.

Meet TDA 10….

….over at Traditional Devon America we welcomed another excellent Tilbrook Cashtiller daughter over the weekend.  Sire was Cutcombe Jaunty. As the number indicates, our English project now has 10 calves: four bulls and six females.  It’s been a painfully slow process, dealing with the ramifications of both TB and the Schmallenberg virus which has closed […]

Milestone (continued)….

….we mentioned in the previous post that there are two English heifers being bred in South Carolina (at Walkers Century Farms).  This is one, TDA 03. Her dam, Tilbrook Cashtiller….who recently passed away….swept all the English competitions.  Her equally outstanding sire, Cutcombe Jaunty, is also no longer with us. So we have, indeed, accomplished a […]

A Traditional Devon milestone….

….readers of this blog know that Thistle Hill, in cooperation with two other American breeders, has been selecting the best of pure English genetics (semen and embryos) and importing them.  The project is now 3 years old and our first heifers have finally been delivered to the vet for breeding. The heifers are out of […]