Our Christmas child…

by David

..on the home page is descended from the historic Cutcombe line in England. In fact, his sire was Thistle Hill Cutcombe…an embryo import.

Thistle Hill Calf

Cutcombe genetics bred by Margaret Elliott played a key role developing our pure traditional English Devon line which now numbers 16 females and 7 males.

Ten years ago, after being impressed by several bulls with Cutcombe in their pedigrees, we had to track down their breeder.

Margaret did not disappoint! A small powerhouse of a woman, she had made a major impact at a time when cattle breeding was a male-dominated world.

When her animals were not in the show ring, she was there herself as a judge.

Both Jaunty and Millennium—either or both—have contributed to what Thistle Hill is today! We thank Margaret for that…and for her friendship.