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Parade of (baby) bulls…

…features three of the yearling bulls we’re holding back to see how they develop.

Bull #1
Photos by Church Humphreys

The first is the final pairing Wooz selected on her last trip to England. His dam comes from the famous Tulip line. The breeder resisted collecting her and after some to and fro, we bought her outright!

Then we had to figure out the complexities of owning a single cow…both physically and legally.  We are greatly indebted to Tilbrook’s Gavin Hunter for providing the umbrella and eventually the transport to the clinic where Tulip was flushed to Cutcombe Jaunty. Gavin also arranged a permanent home for Mom. Too bad we couldn’t have arranged a Thistle Hill colony in England.

Bull #2
Photos by Church Humphreys

The second bull is packed with England’s Finest Devon genetics…in fact, you can’t even duplicate this pairing in England today.

The dam is the daughter of Tilbrook Cashtiller…grand champion Devon three years’ running…and four years in a row her bull calves topped the annual Devon sale!

To mate with her daughter we selected a son of Ashott Barton Millennium Falcon…a show-stopper if there ever was one.

The judge wanted to buy him but decided that wouldn’t be proper. But after it sold for a second time he claimed Falcon as his own! And that’s where we found him 10 years ago.

Bull #3
Photos by Church Humphreys

Finally from the historic Essington herd…this bull from a stunning cow bred by a legend in British Devon circles, Brian Drake.

Brian started breeding Devon in 1950 and retired several years ago. The dam of this bull is Essington Buttercup 165…an amazing heritage!

And in this case Falcon is the grand sire!

If you want to read more about our partnership with traditional English Devon breeders, go to our website and click on “English Devon” in the menu.


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