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A bunch of hams…

…is what we’re raising…not baby beeves! I’d swear whenever Church unlimbers his iPhone our calves “assume the position” and proud mama poses in the background! THF 3 is a young heifer combining four of our pure traditional English Devon bloodlines: Tilbrook Cashtiller, Cutcombe Jaunty, Essington Buttercup and Ashott Barton Falcon. I’ve said before that I […]

Essington Park…

…makes its mark on Thistle Hill. A brother and sister from a famous English herd now are full contributors to our herd! The culmination of a lifetime dedicated to the Devon breed, famed English herdsman Brian Drake volunteered his Buttercup cow…dam of this young cow now maturing in America. The sire is Millennium Falcon. Now […]

Parade of (baby) bulls…

…features three of the yearling bulls we’re holding back to see how they develop. The first is the final pairing Wooz selected on her last trip to England. His dam comes from the famous Tulip line. The breeder resisted collecting her and after some to and fro, we bought her outright! Then we had to […]

Parade of bulls…

…features a relative newcomer who is pure traditional English on both sides. He’s F65; one month past his first birthday. F65’s dam is Essington Buttercup, from one of England’s oldest and finest Devon herds…one that sadly was dispersed a few years ago with the retirement of owner Brian Drake. The sire was our major herd […]

Traditional Devon update….

…..the principals of Traditional Devon™ got together this past week to review progress…and here’s an example:  TDA 23.  She’s an Essington Park Buttercup embryo daughter by Ashott Barton Millennium Falcon.  She’s just five months old but this is what we’ve been working for. English breeders Brian Drake (who provided the dam) and Shiamala Comer (who provided the […]

Warning: do not try this at home….

….unless Mom is a Devon. Grandson Church Humphreys fortunately was on Thanksgiving break from college this morning to “bulldog” two newborn English calves.  This one is a heifer out of Essington Park Buttercup by Ashott Barton Millennium Falcon. Just slightly up the hill her full brother was also born overnight.  In both cases the dams […]

The cycle begins again….

….with our first calf of the season….a Traditional Devon™ bull calf, TDA 20.  He’s an adventuresome fellow.  Here, just a half day old, and he’s returning from a jaunt about 500 yards from his mother.  She waited by our Gator as he sauntered back across the field. The dam is TDA Cashtiller 2, daughter of […]

Letters, we get letters (cont’d)….

….and often the unexpected.  Recently we posted an item about one of our English heifers, Essington Park Buttercup.  Within hours we heard from a breeder in England we haven’t met—Martyn Heard—who farms near Exeter in Devon. Martyn told us he had purchased Buttercup’s dam in the Essington Park dispersal sale and he wondered about the […]

Under the radar….

….we’ve been paying a lot of attention to the English Devon here on our own pasture, but a photo from Georgia reminds us we have the start of another line developing there.  She’s Essington Park Buttercup….and she’s under the tender care of Doyle Unruh who handles our recips.  (click to see her nose and rump) […]

OK….time for a Devon picture….

….a Devon….pure traditional Devon English heifer….but not in Devon….in Georgia.  One of our Traditional American Devon calves from earlier this year. She’s four months old now….the daughter of Essington Park Buttercup and Ashott Barton Millennium Falcon. She’s an embryo calf, of course, being raised at Doyle Unruh’s farm along with five of her brothers and […]