Ashott Barton,  Buttercup,  Essington,  Falcon,  Rotokawa

Waiting in the bullpen…

…one of our herd bulls, THF Essington.

Bull - Essington

He’s five years old now and has served as our primary sire for the past two years.  Essington’s dam was the daughter Brian Drake’s great English cow, Buttercup.  The sire was our THF Falcon, who traces back to the Ashott Barton herd in Devon.

Thanks to the mating of these two great lines in Essington, his progeny will be the mainstay of our herd for years to come. 

A commercial cattleman in Virginia compares Essington favorably to Rotokawa 688!

Since 688 in our view is one of the top bulls in Devon history, we appreciate the compliment.  Here’s a picture so you can judge for yourself.


Rotokawa 688

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