Traditional Devon update….

by David

..the principals of Traditional Devon™ got together this past week IMG_1716to review progress…and here’s an example:  TDA 23.  She’s an Essington Park Buttercup embryo daughter by Ashott Barton Millennium Falcon.  She’s just five months old but this is what we’ve been working for.

English breeders Brian Drake (who provided the dam) and Shiamala Comer (who provided the bull) deserve the the credit.  But we think the picture demonstates another thing:  the importance of the recip.  Awhile back we decided that we were going to select our very best cows to serve as recipients.  In our opinion that is just about as important as the genetics.

Incidentally, veteran cattlemen Jerry and Jeremy Engh of Lakota Ranch visited this week as well and were equally impressed.

Incidentally number 2:  Jeremy reports tentative plans are underway for a “mini-world tour” in two years and Thistle Hill has been asked to demonstrates the results of our “pure, traditional English Devon”.