Warning: do not try this at home….

by David

….unless Mom is a Devon.IMG_4155

Grandson Church Humphreys fortunately was on Thanksgiving break from college this morning to “bulldog” two newborn English calves.  This one is a heifer out of Essington Park Buttercup by Ashott Barton Millennium Falcon.

Just slightly up the hill her full brother was also born overnight.  In both cases the dams put their noses right into the action…mooing softly to the calves that Church wouldn’t hurt them.  Of course, David with his tag applicator and pliers to pull tail hairs was another matter.

Note that we use our best cows as recips.  We feel they’re every bit as important as the actual donor cow and sire.

Both these calves join the Traditional Devon™ herd which now numbers 22 animals.  We’re getting there!