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Let the real test begin…

…in the final analysis it’s not the bull…nor the pedigree…but the calves. Cutcombe represents one of the first second generation all English animals born in America. Sired by Ashott Barton Millennium falcon and out of TDA 4. We hope to see his deep ruby red coat show up in his upcoming calves. And Cutcombe’s first […]

Thistle Hill East….revisited….

….the other day we featured our young cow “Bribery” at Bovine Genetics near Cambridge.  Actually the village is called “Bishops Itchington”.  (Much of the fun in England is in the town names.)  Now here is ” Ashott Barton Tulip“, who has also completed flushing.  Scroll down below the picture for more information. A second shipment […]

Warning: do not try this at home….

….unless Mom is a Devon. Grandson Church Humphreys fortunately was on Thanksgiving break from college this morning to “bulldog” two newborn English calves.  This one is a heifer out of Essington Park Buttercup by Ashott Barton Millennium Falcon. Just slightly up the hill her full brother was also born overnight.  In both cases the dams […]

Not only falling leaves….

….but calves.  And it’s good to have Wooz riding shotgun again as we move in to tag a heifer’s brand new calf…a sturdy young bull.  Couldn’t help remember the old Angus days when we’d have to be sure mom was a long way off…preferably on the other side of a big fence…when we were tagging […]

The cycle begins again….

….with our first calf of the season….a Traditional Devon™ bull calf, TDA 20.  He’s an adventuresome fellow.  Here, just a half day old, and he’s returning from a jaunt about 500 yards from his mother.  She waited by our Gator as he sauntered back across the field. The dam is TDA Cashtiller 2, daughter of […]

Recharging our batteries – 4….

….took us next on our annual sabbatical deep into Cornwall….land of Doc Martin…and Poldark…and Juliet Cleave.  Juliet’s infectious high spirits captivated us on our very first bus ride in the area.  (she was the local tour director) So it was pre-ordained that we’d invite her and her husband, Chris, to join our Traditional Devon™ group. Speaking of […]

All too brief….

….we’ve just returned from a trip to England to visit our friends and partners in Traditional English Devon™.  As always, the friendship was warm and (progress of sorts) the beer was cold! Then the icing on the cake: we found two cows and a bull that fit perfectly in our program.  There’s all sorts of […]

All Brit…and American too….

….we’ve finally reached the “end game”….producing pure English Devon genetics here in the States.  TDA Cutcombe was conceived and calved here at Thistle Hill eight months ago from an English embryo dam born here and a sire (Ashott Barton Millennium Falcon) whose semen had been shipped here. Cutcombe is the name of one of our partners’ farms […]

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….

….life ain’t so bad either. A group of our senior cows on a lazy Spring afternoon.  These are all being exposed to our “Jackpot“.  He comes down to us from Rotokawa 688 and 243.  A British bull, Highwayman, is doing the honors with the other half of our American herd. The English-imports also were bred […]

The waiting game….

….begins again!  And this time with added suspense!  Embryologist Dr. Jim Evans implants English embryos into our cows….always a bit nerve-wracking but particularly since these little ones were tied up in England for almost three years because of a mystery virus that hit a number of herds and sheep flocks. Looking on are Jane Narrimore […]