The cycle begins again….

by David

2015-10-16 10.57.27

….with our first calf of the season….a Traditional Devon™ bull calf, TDA 20.  He’s an adventuresome fellow.  Here, just a half day old, and he’s returning from a jaunt about 500 yards from his mother.  She waited by our Gator as he sauntered back across the field.

The dam is TDA Cashtiller 2, daughter of Tilbrook Cashtiller…

20151016_101916a producer of great bulls in England. 

I need grandson Church to help with the tagging now.  He uses his track skills from Denison University to catch them in the open field.  Try that in a 10-acre paddock sometime!

To complete the pedigree:  the sire is the son of Essington Buttercup and Ashott Barton Millennium Falcon.  So far we’ve been short of Buttercup descendants so this is a welcome addition to the Traditional Devon™ herd.

Photos by Duane Ard.