Behind the scenes…..

by David

….many, though probably not most, consumers of grass fed beef know the right questions to ask a farmer to be sure they’re getting the “real thing”.  The problem is most consumers don’t know their farmer, which is why we think buying “local” is just as important as buying “grass fed”.

Simply put:  a good deal of what passes for grass fed is really finished on grain, and that destroys all the benefits of a pure, natural product.

But the farmer is only half the story.  The butcher has just as much to do with the quality and purity of the meat you buy.  That’s why we surveyed a number of butchers before deciding on Blue Ridge Meats in Front Royal.  They come closer to all the rules of not only producing the finest meat….and they do it in the most humane, stress free way we know of.

Doug and Lois Aylestock and the people at Blue Ridge are as much a part of our team as our farm manager Duane Ard and our herdsman Church Humpheys.

For a look at grass fed beef from the inside out we thought we’d post this article from the Weston Price Foundation.  Warning:  it may tell some more than they want to know but here are the things you ought to know when you purchase grass fed beef!