Meeting of the braintrust…

by David

…we took advantage of a weekend wedding to gather the principals of Thistle Hill Farm.

It was an opportunity for Church (on the right) who now manages the farm to brief us on his first full year of stewardship. Uncle Church is listening intently.

Carolyn is the new principal of the farm though her focus must remain on her profession as a cancer surgeon and integrative medicine specialist.

She and husband Curt make regular trips from their home in Dallas to Hume. Curt in addition to keeping the books helps Church with the heavy lifting.

After the meeting and discussing everything from pasture fertility to foreign imports, came the fun part…looking at our herd!

The 36 cows and 8 heifers are all in perfect condition for November breeding. It involves complicated scheduling to get the right bulls with the designated females.

Thistle Hill maintains essentially two herds: a traditional pure English group…and an American Devon group. We’ve also used our English bulls with some of the American cows with exciting results.

You’re always welcome to come by and check out what’s available. Just phone Church at:

(214) 802-1283


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David & Church
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