Passing of a giant…

by David

…sad news from England. Ivan Rowe, a true giant of a man in all ways, has passed away at the age of 85.

He grew up on a dairy farm in Cornwall, changed its orientation at the death of his father, and made Goldings Farm a leader in the Devon breed.

Respected throughout Britain for his integrity and devotion to the civic good, it was inevitable he would be selected a magistrate in Her Majesty’s judiciary.

For many years a cattle judge sought after by many breeds, here in the suit on the left he is pictured in 2007 judging Tilbrook Cashtiller to be the grand champion.

Ivan Rowe with Tilbrook Cashtiller

It was on Ivan’s farm…stunned at the beauty and uniformity of his cattle…that John Forelle, Bill Walker and I and our wives partnered on the spot to bring pure traditional Devon genetics to the United States. Again and again others waived more money at Ivan but he never could be moved from his word and handshake.

More than that, Ivan and I formed a personal bond to last for the few years we had left. When we parted he always wanted to be sure of my return…and called the States worried if I was out of touch for more than a few days.

From the first, he called me “mate”. And when I heard him say that I knew it was the highest honor I would ever receive.

Wooz and I spent many memorable days looking at cattle on his wind and rain swept pastures of Lands End. And delightful nights in the warmth of Ivan and Joan’s St. Just home.

As we always said on parting:

“See you soon, mate!”