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Passing of a giant…

PS to TDA 35…

……in the previous post “Introducing TDA 35” (see below)I talked about a moment 10 years ago when I first saw the young bull’s dam. Moments after posting I recalled Wooz was handling the camera at that moment. So I dug into the archives and sure enough there it was. Ivan Rowe, my Cornish mate, pretty […]

Here comes the judge….

….our good friend from Cornwall, Ivan Rowe, was out on the show circuit again this week…judging the Launceston show.  And our Cornwall lass Juliet Cleave was there, too, and snapped this picture. We would guess Ivan has judged more cattle and more breeds than just about anyone.  And for the story of his own herd, […]

Recharging our batteries – 5

….and if this won’t do it, you need a new one. We usually wind up our English tours at the tip of Cornwall…not only because of the cows and the scenery but because this is where our search for pure traditional English Devon first began five years ago.  I used to say this was “Doc […]

Tilbrook Cashtiller, R.I.P…..

The great English champion Tilbrook Cashtiller has been put down.  She was the prettiest cow I have ever seen. Cashtiller campaigned in British shows for several years and was never beaten.  A great moment came at a Royal Cornwall show where she was named not only champion cow but Grand Champion.  Her ribbons, silver trophies […]

A few of my favorite…..

….People!  My mate, Ivan Rowe, braving a gale to judge a Devon show at Camelford, England recently.  The steward for the show was our Cornwall lass, Juliet Cleave. Our English project is all the stronger for the fact that four of our seven partners have been judges in Devon circles for many years.  If Ivan […]