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Parade of bulls…

…TDA Ransom…a Wooz favorite maybe because his mama was Goldings Snowdrop…selected by her when the “wise old men” of the partnership were favoring others. She called him “Handsome Ransom”…and saw something in him even in his awkward teenage years. He’s come into his own now though Wooz is no longer with us to say I […]

Passing of a giant…

This ain’t Kansas…

So what’s a pure English Devon bull doing in Virginia? He’s the result of the last mating Wooz designed on our final trip to southwest England a few years ago. The dam comes from the famous Tulip line…renowned all over the island. The sire the equally-renowned Cutcombe bull named Jaunty. The resulting embryos from the […]

English update….

The bull calf on the left is out of a Tulip dam, a line that goes back as far as there have been herd books in Britain…about 170 years. He’s definitely a “comer”; love his head and muzzle! The heifer on the right is out of Bribery. Church spotted her dam on his first trip […]

By way of explanation….

….we haven’t been able to enjoy our fall pastures much….or update this blog….for quite a while.  So below is a recent picture by our manager, Duane Ard, and now the explanation. A month ago, Wooz fell on our gravel road and broke her hip.  A routine x-ray then revealed a small mass in her lung.  So […]

Coping with the cold….

….hasn’t quite been the proverbial “piece of cake”.  Wooz has done pretty well and of course I’m inside the tractor.  Here she checks our first-calf heifers to see how they withstood below zero temperatures the night before. When it gets this cold we do relent and give the young ladies some grain….not only to stay […]

Where to begin….

….well, to coin a phrase, “start at the beginning”.  Posting has been non-existent for almost a month, but not because there’s been nothing to report.  It’s breeding season and Wooz here discusses strategy with our vet, Dr. Monica O’Brien. AI comes first, and we’re using two sires across some of our best cows:  Traditional Devon’s […]

Parting is sweet sorrow…

…whenever it comes time to ship our animals.  Wooz is always an unwilling partner in that part of our business.  Here Michael Jones of Deerfield, Ohio reviews the seven animals waiting shipment to his Tierra Verde Farms. They’re at the vets, getting their travel papers.  Mike selected a veteran bred cow with a heifer calf […]

Keeping her young….

….though she didn’t seem to appreciate my thoughtfulness.  Wooz getting plenty of fresh air and exercise this morning, cutting the wrapping on a bale of hay for the main herd.  I’m supervising from the warmth of the tractor cabin. Michael Ortwein may be proud of his horned steer doing the same job; but I’ll put […]

Jumping the gun….

…that’s what the smart folks did at Thistle Hill’s recent Open House.  Advertised for Sunday, we had our first visitors on Friday.  Here, Wooz talks about our breeding program with Dr. Bill Walker of South Carolina, Jim Varnados of Louisiana and Regina Tesnow of Tennessee.  Before the weekend was over, Regina was to sell a bull […]