English update….

by David

Bull Calf out of Tulip dam.
Heifer Calf out of Bribery.

The bull calf on the left is out of a Tulip dam, a line that goes back as far as there have been herd books in Britain…about 170 years. He’s definitely a “comer”; love his head and muzzle!

The heifer on the right is out of Bribery. Church spotted her dam on his first trip to England. Ten years earlier I fell for her grandmother but it took young Church to sweet-talk breeder Shiamala Comer into releasing the genetics.

We’re often asked how we judge purity. Check the muzzles on these two calves. Flesh toned…clear of any spots. It also helps to know your registrar.

In years past, our in-house registrar, Wooz Matthews, spent weeks here and in England with the British Devon Society registrars poring over old files to be sure of the pedigrees.

It also was a blessing to be working with old-timers like Ivan Rowe, Brian Drake and Margaret Elliott. Amongst them they have close to 170 years raising Devon.

And as long as I’m acknowledging our English partners, a special thanks to Gavin Hunter of Tilbrook Grange, former president of the British Society. Add those four together with Shiamala and Thistle Hill Farm has had a brain trust unique in the breed!