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A year end report….

….not from us, but from our English colleague and Cornwall correspondent, Juliet Cleave.  Juliet and husband Chris are partners in our Traditional Devon™ project and in recent years their hard work has vaulted their Kew herd to the very top of Devon farms…anywhere. This year-end video doesn’t begin to do Kew Devons justice….but will give […]

Good morning….

….is there anything finer than going out into the pasture in the morning and being greeting by a heifer with her brand new calf?  We don’t think so. The mom is descended from one of the first Devon we purchased years ago.  We liked the line but the females had bad udders and we’re also […]

Just like the first robins….

….spring brings out the first cattle folk looking to either enlarge or upgrade their herds…or both.  Thistle Hill welcomed Connie and John Moelker of Ontario, Canada recently who were making a circuit of US Devon farms. The Moelkers had recently purchased a Devon from the Lakota Bull Test but were now looking for females.  After their […]

A new arrival….

….one of 15 calves on the ground so far.  And so far, it looks like a particularly good crop. This minutes-old heifer is by Thistle Hill Jackpot out of one of our young cows from the “2” line. Once the calving is complete, we divide the cows according to the bulls we want them with.  We […]

The Thistle Hill Alumni Club….

“Shenandoah“….a yearling heifer who is the result of a pairing here at Thistle Hill.  The dam is Q1 and the sire, U2 “Double Trouble”. Q1 was an older cow we sent into retirement in the South—Tomina Farms in Tennessee—but, as you can see, she’s still working for Regina and Tom Tesnow.  Actually, at 8 years […]

Houston, we have a problem….

….it doesn’t happen often, but a Devon heifer can get in trouble with its’ first calf.  That’s when good friends like Glenn Covington come to our rescue.  He’s our “go-to guy” and that’s where we went when WW1 clearly had a calf hung up…one leg and nose out…one leg bent back. Glenn abandoned his Co-Op […]

Thistle Hill alumni club….

….his name is Tomina Farms Gambler….the first son of our Thistle Hill Casino.  (We always enjoy Regina Tesnow’s ability to come up with new names.) Mom is Virginia Q1 and she started an excellent line here before moving on to the Tesnow’s in Tennessee.  Casino is a Rotokawa 243 son.

Well you may have found her….

….hiding in the weeds on the wrong side of the fence (and tagged her)….but she’s still mine and you can’t have her. Q18 kept looking the other way trying to mis-direct us, but we finally found her new heifer and got it back on the right side of the fence.  Then mom came right over and […]

Sometimes it just doesn’t work….

….we thought it would be nice to take a class picture….the 10 heifers that are just about ready to breed.  Enlarge the picture by clicking to see Wooz trying to set up the shot. The trouble with our Devon is they’re just too friendly and not used to being pushed around.  We also took a […]

A ‘foundation cow”….

….is not a designation we use in the “Devon world”.  But if we did, R2 would certainly merit the honor.  Purchased almost as an afterthought from Lakota Ranch seven years ago, she has been a steady star performer. R2 comes from the same Lakota family that sired a top Devon bull, “Bud”, who became a star […]