By way of explanation….

by David

….we haven’t been able to enjoy our fall pastures much….or update this blog….for quite a while.  So below is a recent picture by our manager, Duane Ard, and now the explanation.

A month ago, Wooz fell on our gravel road and broke her hip.  A routine x-ray then revealed a small mass in her lung.  So our hours have been filled with frequent trips to the University of Virginia hospital (90 minutes away), where Wooz first underwent a complete hip replacement, then a Gamma knife treatment to clear up several brain lesions and finally the start of chemo for her lung.

There’s still a long road to go, but she is feeling fine, walking well with only occasional support from a cane, and beginning to climb stairs.  She’s also back in full force, supervising operations (me)….though from our 4-runner and not the Gator.  And we thank all of you for your prayers and good wishes.

Now, having just put up electric fencing for the first time in a month, it’s time to resume this blog.

2015-10-01 08.56.36