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Free at last…

Thistle Hill Farm - David

…with everyone in the family safely vaccinated, I was finally able to escape my senior residence for the first time in almost exactly a year.

Naturally it was this year’s calf crop that interested me most.  They’re five months old now and a rewarding bunch of prospects.

THF 3 - daughter of TDA Cashtiller 4 and our Essington bull

Church’s favorite is THF 3…the daughter of TDA Cashtiller 4 and our Essington bull.  She’s the latest in our line of pure traditional English calves.

Bribery heifer

I was taken by this Bribery heifer..a combination of four great English herds.  She’s two-years old…and perhaps in-calf.  And she was the last mating Wooz and Church selected on our final visit to England.

Champson Defender calf

We were in agreement in selecting this Champson Defender calf as our top bull prospect.  We’re particularly excited to see the impact he might eventually have on our herd.

But a word of caution…in our experience calves change a lot in their first two years… particularly bull calves.  And almost every year a late bloomer comes along and surprises us!


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