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A new wrinkle…

…to cooking steaks.  Church introduced me to grilling on a soap stone.  It’s pretty simple and pretty much guarantees even cooking.

We cooked a filet and two boneless strip steaks…all from a 10-year old cow.  Tenderness and the flavor could not have been better!  We have pretty well satisfied ourselves that for our personal eating we’ll stick to the older cows.

Will the day ever come when the government does away with the 30-month nonsense?  The rule that older cows cannot be butchered goes back to the “mad cow” scare in England.  Just what caused it was not conclusively proven but millions of cows were slaughtered “just in case”.

In recent years there’ve been only a handful of cases reported world wide.  And we also now know younger goes can carry the disease.  Even in England traces of Mad Cow have not been seen for years.

Additionally it came a truism that older cows were “tougher” which justified rushing animals to market.  It’s all a part of the better living through chemistry which had infected the beef industry.  And Bill Gates!


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