Church,  David,  Steers,  Thistle Hill Farm

Fugitives from our storm…

..for a nice set of Thistle Hill steers.  They had just been shipped to Jimmy Acres Farm near Semora, North Carolina when the snows hit.

Brother and sister Jake and Anna Tommerdahl originally were going to fatten the steers for us but I guess they fell in love and immediately offered to buy them!  That’s the way it is with Devon.

Church met the Tommerdahls when they and he were Fellows at a Grassfed Exchange meeting in California.  Until now they’ve been farming produce and chicken and pigs.  This is their introduction to bigger livestock though Jake had interned in cattle operations before.

Perhaps best of all it’s confirmation of the value of the Grassfed Exchange and particularly their fellowship program for young farmers!

Read all about the Tommerdahls and their sense of mission.


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