Not only falling leaves….

by David

SAM_0015….but calves.  And it’s good to have Wooz riding shotgun again as we move in to tag a heifer’s brand new calf…a sturdy young bull.  Couldn’t help remember the old Angus days when we’d have to be sure mom was a long way off…preferably on the other side of a big fence…when we were tagging her baby.  Now the Devon mom just stands overhead….mooing comfort to the calf…as we get the job done.

This was one of two new calves…the other newcomer joins our SAM_0034Traditional English Devon™ herd.  This young heifer is the second calf for TDA 4.  Proud papa is TDA Ransom.  I love the way she holds her left leg up to nurse….very proper young Englishwoman.

She’s a granddaughter of the great Cashtiller and will carry that name.