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Making bacon on a warm summer day….

Thistlehill Farm Pigs

That’s the title our son, Church Matthews, gave to this picture when he posted it on Facebook.

The recipe is simple: 1 part Tamworth pig to 1 part mud. Contented pigs definitely make the best bacon. And there’s a reason why the English call Tamworth “the bacon breed”. Tamworth is a lean, well-muscled, athletic pig…perfect for bacon. And the pork chops are just as incredible.

Thistle Hill cuts both its bacon and pork chops extra thick and we guarantee that, try them once, and you’ll be hooked. The next supply will be available right after July 1st. Put in your bid right now: info@thistlehill.net

Note to city folk: pigs are actually a very clean animal. The mud is important to protect them from sunburn. And we suspect it’s therapeutic. Ask any city lady about mud packs. Happy pigs make happy pork!














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