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Closing the circle...

There was celebration for all of us at Thistle Hill recently. A process that began eight years ago was finally cemented when we brought the final group of pure Traditional Devon females to their home in Virginia.

Thistlehill Farm Calf

We always felt that it would take a base of 25 females and three bull lines before we could begin a fine-tuning process.

It was our dream, Wooz’ and mine...daughter, Carolyn, underwrote the final steppingstone...and grandson Church not only conducted the final negotiations but provided the muscle and energy to face Hurricane Florence and bring the girls home.

A pure traditional English Devon herd, happy and productive, here in Virginia!

Wooz with Cows

Best of all Wooz’ family is happy and productive, too. Son-in-law Curt has managed the farm for the past year while his son finished college. And Wooz’ son, Church, has always been ready to run out and add muscle when needed.

It’s a talented and solid team. For more about the future of Traditional Devon, keep checking the blog.



























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