Two little girls are we…

by David

…on a foggy morning.  Both are about 18 months out of American Devon dams…but their English sires have had an impact!

Photo by Mary Perrine

The heifer on the left is out of my personal favorite…R2…an almost after-thought purchase and a cow that was a trouble free producer of great calves for 15 years.  This will be her last calf.

Her sire, now sold, was an English bull Wooz called Handsome Ransom.

The other heifer, against the fence, has U2 in her background…as well as two English greats…Cutcombe Jaunty and Ashott Barton Millenium Falcon.

As we’ve said before, we imported English genetics because pure traditional Devon are a disappearing breed in England and here.  But we not only wanted the English for their own sake but to improve American herds.