A virtual hug…

by David

…to three families who welcome Thistle Hill cows to their property.  We couldn’t operate the way we do without them.

Cobbler Mountain

Mary Schindling Perrine sent this view of her farm…our cows in the foreground…Cobbler Mountain at sunrise.  Confederate raider John Mosby—the Gray Ghost—always made his getaways to Cobbler and the Union troops could never catch him.

The Perrines…and the Ferro’s adjacent…provide us with 20 acres of pasture for our young heifers.  We’re convinced that the tender and personal care of these two couples make our young ones even more gentle. 

Could I say our calves our “house broke”?  Well, grandchild broke anyway.

Just around the corner, the Rowland’s are keeping a close eye on our young steers.  They have about 20 acres they’re graciously sharing.

All these properties are about 10 minutes from Thistle Hill…close enough for us to check frequently too.  But the calves have never complained.

We call it Summer Camp!  Again thanks to the Perrines, Ferro’s and Rowland’s!