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Probably ready to wean….

….the oldest of this year’s crop of Thistle Hill bull calves….THF 163…at 10 months.  He’s by Traditional Devon’s™ Highwayman.  The dam is one of our smaller American cows but from a top-producing line, X2a. The experts say you should expect a good cow to wean a calf half her weight.  Please don’t tell X2a!

Ma, our baby boy is all growed up!

His name is Augustine and he’s packed with Rotokawa 667 genetics.  He’s also the son of one of our favorite cows.  With all the attention we’ve been devoting to our English project, we didn’t want to give the impression we’ve been ignoring our breeding of Rotokawa offspring. At Thistle Hill, under the watchful eye of […]

Where do they learn these things…

….the other day, while taking pictures of an English bull for the Red Devon USA newsletter, I turned the camera on this young “American” bull.  He immediately snapped to and assumed “the position”.  The minute I moved on, he returned to grazing. He’s eight months old. From the moment he was born, we felt we […]

A new day….

….and a new life greets the sun at Thistle Hill.  Probably the most fun of raising cattle is exactly this:  going out in the crisp morning air to check the herd for new babies.  With all the nonsense everywhere else, it is a life-affirming experience. So meet A126, son of R2 and THF Reality.  He’s […]

A ‘foundation cow”….

….is not a designation we use in the “Devon world”.  But if we did, R2 would certainly merit the honor.  Purchased almost as an afterthought from Lakota Ranch seven years ago, she has been a steady star performer. R2 comes from the same Lakota family that sired a top Devon bull, “Bud”, who became a star […]