The system circles the wagons…

by David

..for 20 years I’ve been railing against glysophate…a chemical herbicide that Monsanto has been selling worldwide under the trade name “Round-up”. A number of studies have identified it as a carcinogen and a few farmers have successfully sued Monsanto for damages.

Now however the EPA has declared glysophate entirely safe, putting millions of dollars in court awards in jeopardy. And more than that our health in jeopardy…particularly because glysophate/Round-up is invariably used in growing GMO foods.

In short, glysophate is spread on almost all the vegetables we eat folks and the government, Big Chemicals and Big Ag are going to keep it that way.

Joel Saladin is a natural grower of beef, chicken and pork in the Shenandoah Valley and he captures the not-so-subtleties of the moment.

As a side note: Thistle Hill never uses herbicides nor pesticides of any kind on its pastures.