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The system circles the wagons…

..for 20 years I’ve been railing against glysophate…a chemical herbicide that Monsanto has been selling worldwide under the trade name “Round-up”. A number of studies have identified it as a carcinogen and a few farmers have successfully sued Monsanto for damages. Now however the EPA has declared glysophate entirely safe, putting millions of dollars in […]

Sometimes you gotta wonder….

….if that old joke isn’t true….that among the three greatest lies is “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”.   It seems the feds devote their greatest effort to what isn’t a problem…..finding ways to nitpick small farms and processors when all the  bad food is coming out of the industrial food chain. […]

I’m from the government….

….and I’m here to protect you.  Not! Awhile back, grass fed meat producers were making some progress with the government in establishing minimum standards for labeling.  Nothing radical; you still weren’t going to be told whether the meat you ate came from cows fattened on hormones and antibiotics. Well that lasted until grass fed meat […]

The Christmas Tree bill….

….perhaps the greatest wrongs committed in Washington are discovered too-late in what is known as the Christmas Tree bill.  That’s when all the pet projects of all the corrupt lawmakers are loaded onto a “must-pass” bill to keep the government running.  It comes up for a vote—all the bad stuff hidden among the required stuff—at the last […]

Alright, this is political….

….I try to keep this blog away from politics but, reading between the lines, you can certainly tell I believe “that government is best which governs least”.  And particularly when it comes to the food we eat. Yes, even the safety of the food we eat is not well-served by big government…not the federal government…or the […]

I’ve lost track…..

….of the number of food warnings…and the many nutrition advisories…that have turned out to be dead wrong.  We lucky we’ve survived the advice of the experts.  Here’s the latest:

“I don’t eat fat”….

….words still heard too often…along with “I try to limit the amount of meat my family eats”.  I gave up long ago trying to convert those still worshipping at the government’s Food Pyramid. But I have wondered why the belief persists despite all the evidence that meat can be good for you….and so can the fat. […]

Move along…nothing to see here….

So it’s a million pigs….not to worry.  Notice that the story says the farm is owned by Smithfield’s in Virginia….not that Smithfield’s is owned by China as in Beijing!  Besides, our government says the pork is perfectly safe…just like all that ground beef with USDA labels.

Mama…don’t let your kids grow up….

….to be farmers. It’s still a no-win game despite all the publicity about the Locavore movement, farm-to-fork, food hubs, CSAs.  “blah-blah” stuff.  The dirty little secret is the Big Guys are killing us….and they’re the ones getting the subsidies and grants that enable them to further squash the idealists. The New York Times had the story […]

Is the USDA sustainable….

….one of my favorite websites is the work of Paul and Gabe Brown…..holistic ranchers just outside Bismarck, North Dakota.  Recently they linked to an article in a Yale publication that does the best job I’ve seen so far of explaining the way Big Ag and Big Government are chasing their tails….trying to get ahead of […]