Alright, this is political….

by David

….I try to keep this blog away from politics but, reading between the lines, you can certainly tell I believe “that government is best which governs least”.  And particularly when it comes to the food we eat.

Yes, even the safety of the food we eat is not well-served by big government…not the federal government…or the EU…or the UN.  And not by Democrats or Republicans, either!

The agenda of big government is mass production because it is simplest to control.  And the money is there in large-enough amounts to enable world-class graft and corruption.  World-class politicians need world-class perks.

And Big Government decided long ago on a political agenda that was essentially vegetarianism and anti-meat.  Meat, as practiced today, is not as easy to control as a bin-full of grain, but it’s better than meat raised on grass.  That can be accomplished locally…and better….thus the threat to not only Big Ag but Big Government.

The farmers at Thistle Hill…and our brothers and sisters elsewhere…don’t have the money to make pay-offs.  You want clean food:  buy local from a farmer you know.  Period!!!

So when I read that another government agency has decreed that meat is bad for us, I know for sure the “agenda” is being served and my former colleagues in the press are lapping it up.  Thus with the latest warning that processed meats can kill you.  Of course, too much water can kill you, too.  (Or at least make you confess)  But no one in Big Media will parse that word “can”…the scare sells papers and ratings points.  (It’s also easier and cheaper to print government handouts than put on muck boots and go out in the field.) Even a lone columnist in the New York Post gets it only partly right…but I’ll have to settle for that.

And for my not-final-word on this subject, I give you this: