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A spring morn update….

….and the grass is a long time coming. We’re keeping the main herd in this sacrifice pasture and continuing to feed hay. Just because we miscalculated we can’t ask the cows to pay for our mistake! Not only isn’t there enough yet, but this early the grass is “washy”…not as nutrient rich. On the other […]

Let the real test begin…

…in the final analysis it’s not the bull…nor the pedigree…but the calves. Cutcombe represents one of the first second generation all English animals born in America. Sired by Ashott Barton Millennium falcon and out of TDA 4. We hope to see his deep ruby red coat show up in his upcoming calves. And Cutcombe’s first […]

This just in…

…all natural grass fed, grass finished beef!  Now there’s a delicious mouthful…and nutritious, too! Thistle Hill Farm is back in full operation now under the direction of grandson Church Humphreys.  Our focus remains the marketing of the very best Devon seedstock but that doesn’t mean we can’t set aside a limited number of animals for […]

More about Buttercup…

…see below “All we could have hoped for…”. The dam of our Buttercup was Essington Park 136, photographed the day we first saw her at Essington Park in 2010. She was standing a bit apart from her herd. And she was always that way particularly with a calf at her side. Did she know her […]

All we could have hoped for…

…when we began our English project. Entirely new pure traditional Devon bloodlines. And here is one: Buttercup from Brian Drake’s Essington Park herd. Bred there…born here…and now with her first calf. Brian has since retired and his herd, one of England’s oldest, has been dispersed. The sire of this month old well-mannered bull calf is […]

Did you know that grass-fed beef is one of the top ten sources of tryptophan?

I have to confess that I didn’t know that grass fed beef is on the top ten list for sources of tryptophan…I always think of turkey. Tryptophan is the amino acid that goes on to become serotonin, the “feel-good” hormone which is low in depression, and melatonin, which helps us sleep at night. Other sources […]

The next generations review…

..the next generation. It was front and center for this year’s crop of yearling-plus heifers. Not quite ready to breed and that’s the problem. Breed now and calve in the fall with the attendant problems plus rebreeding difficulty? Or wait until they’re ready which could mean calving in the equally difficult winter months. Church on […]

Another profit center…

…this one for the gentlemen to go along with the spa for the ladies. (See below) While the ladies cuddle up with the cows in one pasture, the men could enjoy soccer in another pasture. Let’s go to the tape! David

An update from the science desk….

Nothing really new here but it summarizes where science is and where it’s going. Will the government eventually mandate that we must follow? David

A new profit center….

…and it certainly fits our wellness theme. A farm in New York offers spa treatments including “cow cuddling”. For $75 an hour you can snuggle up to a cow. Seems their body temperature and heart rate are good modifiers of the human condition. Of course that’s in New York; not sure our cows will work […]