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Maybe Ferdinand…

…would be a good name for this just-born English embryo calf. Mom was Tulip, one of the most famous Devon females ever named for a flower. We’re always struck by the deep ruby red coats of the English Devon…at least the pure traditional ones. Compare the coloring to the recipient cow behind her. David

The gang’s all here…

Grandson Church made a quick trip to South Carolina this weekend to complete our herd of pure traditional English Devon cows. TDA 6 should have come north with her herd mates…but she stayed behind at Bill and Nancy Walker’s Century Farm to have a baby heifer. The two curious calves to the left welcoming the […]

Special delivery….

…and an emotional milestone at Thistle Hill. Just over two years ago, Wooz decided she wanted to take grandson Church to meet our English partners in Traditional Devon. And if, along the way, we discovered a likely cow she planned to make a gift to Church of embryos from that cow. Not surprisingly we found […]

Some calves arrive…

…with “herd bull” tattooed” on their chest. That’s the case with this not-so-little guy who arrived recently. In this picture Equinox is just a few hours old and looking for horizons to conquer. He’s descended from Buttercup, a pure Traditional Devon from Brian Drake’s herd in England. Sadly Brian has now fully retired and dispersed […]

Reversal of Dementia….

Yes, you heard that right- REVERSAL of dementia. I’ve been listening to some amazing talks over the last few days at the Integrative Medicine Menatl Health Conference here in Dallas.  Yesterday morning, Dr. Dale Bredesen, author of  The End of Alzheimer’s, spoke in two plenary sessions about his pioneering work in reversing cognitive decline with […]

End of the tease….

For the past three weeks, this young heifer has been going off by herself….a sure sign of an impending calf. But once Z103 was sure she had Church’s attention she would slip back into the herd. This morning the game finally ended. Born on daughter Carolyn’s birthday, that’s gotta be her name. But the family […]

Another reason not to partake of junk food…

A prospective study in Europe looked at 471,495 individuals’ intake of junk food at baseline and then assessed the development of cancer over the next 15 years. Higher intake of junk food was associated with statistically significant increases of cancers of the colon-rectum, cancers of the upper aerodigestive tract and stomach, cancer of the lung […]

Game day surprise….

…that’s what grandson Church called it. He arrived at Walker Century Farms to pick up six pregnant cows and discovered he’d only carry five back to Thistle Hill. The trip to South Carolina was part of a major realignment of Traditional Devon females. But we’ll save that exciting news until later. The heifer…should we call […]

My current top tips for weight loss

Since 1990, the population of the United States has undergone a sea change in our weight and our health. In 1992 , according to the CDC, approximately 10-15% of our population was obese. By 2015, approximately 35% of the population was obese. Genetic mutations in a single generation cannot account for this big (no pun […]

You can’t stop the Witzigs…

…when they are determined to add quality Devon to their herd! Roger and Elaine Witzig picked up a full load of Thistle Hill Devon in Virginia and transported them back to Gridley, Illinois…in all they were on the road 32 hours! Son Shannon took the photo of the arrival at 1:40 in the morning! The […]