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A New Buzzword: Unstressed

I began attending integrative and functional medicine conferences in 2007, when I first started attending Andrew Weil’s integrative medicine fellowship program at the University of Arizona. Since then, I’ve attended two to four conferences a year from various nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental organizations; they are “brain candy” for me. I was impressed that from the […]

Monsanto gets its due

Yesterday, a jury awarded Dewayne Johnson, terminally ill with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma,  $289 million in damages. After a trial that lasted a month, the jury decided that Monsanto’s Roundup was the cause of his cancer. Johnson worked as a groundskeeper for a school district north of San Francisco and sprayed Roundup repeatedly throughout the year, sometimes […]

A day of reckoning….

The chemical giant Monsanto had a rare come-uppance in a California Court when it was ordered to pay almost $300-million to a Roundup user. Roundup is a herbicide widely used in the United States and widely banned in many other countries. Monstanto Article Back in the day when I was blogging at the North American […]

Satisfied customers….

….and yes we are continuing to offer a limited amount of grass fed beef. If you want to be on our mailing list write: In the 13 years we’ve been raising Devon the market has really exploded. When we began, Wooz and I would carry a booth around and explain the health benefits and […]

Business as usual…

…that’s my report from Thistle Hill. After a year and a half I’m finally on my feet. But I won’t be chasing cows again. That will be up to my grandson, Church. Church just graduated from Denison University with a degree in biology. He’s managing the farm and entering the master’s degree program at George […]


….in fact, raising beef is better for the planet than growing vegetables.  The real threat is cultivating crops the conventional way.

Texas floods….

….it’s not only the human tragedy.  Lois Ayelstock of Blue Ridge Meats has a link to some dramatic footage of cattle fighting for their lives.  

Thistle Hill alumni club….

….THF Red Lad X3, though his current owners Brooke Henley and Tom Garnett call him “Reddy” for short.  He’s been at the heart of the grass fed beef  business that Brook and Tom’s Spring Pastures Farm near Middletown, Maryland has been developing.  You can see why they love him and why he’s one of our favorite bulls. […]

We knew her “when”….

….Thistle Hill is fortunate in the company it gets.  I guess it’s because we try so many things and have become a real world laboratory.  We’ve hosted visitors from around the world and learned from them all. One who stopped by last year was Sarah Flack, a young forage expert.  She was writing a book […]

Extra company….

…..throw another steak on the grill! No, this isn’t at Thistle Hill.  We thank our friend and webmaster Keith Smith for the link.