More about Buttercup…

by David

…see below “All we could have hoped for…”. The dam of our Buttercup was Essington Park 136, photographed the day we first saw her at Essington Park in 2010.

Essington Park 136

She was standing a bit apart from her herd. And she was always that way particularly with a calf at her side. Did she know her pedigree stretched back more than 100 years?

She was Brian Drake’s favorite too. He liked her trouble free performance..a calf every year right on schedule. Mobile; she was always first to the best new grass.

And a solid mother. Her babies did not wander…where she put them is where they stayed, even if a stranger came up.

She was an absolute reflection of the solid couple who bred her…Maureen and Brian Drake. They dedicated their lives to the Devon breed. It’s an honor to feature Essington Park at Thistle Hill.