This just in…

by David

…all natural grass fed, grass finished beef!  Now there’s a delicious mouthful…and nutritious, too!

Thistle Hill Farm Beef Steaks

Thistle Hill Farm is back in full operation now under the direction of grandson Church Humphreys.  Our focus remains the marketing of the very best Devon seedstock but that doesn’t mean we can’t set aside a limited number of animals for personal consumption.

Again we’re offering whole carcasses, halves and quarters.  Bulk Prices range from $7 to $7.50 a pound…and that’s packaged weight in individual cuts.

We’ll also endeavor to provide special packages of our mouth-watering hamburgers.  You’ve  never tasted anything this good..and a bulk buy at just $6 a pound is a family bargain.

To order or to be placed on our mailing list get in touch with Church at info@thistlehill. net or phone 540-364-2090