“I don’t eat fat”….

by David

….words still heard too often…along with “I try to limit the amount of meat my family eats”.  I gave up long ago trying to convert those still worshipping at the government’s Food Pyramid.

But I have wondered why the belief persists despite all the evidence that meat can be good for you….and so can the fat. It’s all the more mystifying since the government quietly abandoned the Food Pyramid a long time ago.  And the lead government scientist has even warned against low-fat dieting.

The key is in the word “quietly”, according to Nina Teicholz, who says the bureaucrats don’t want to admit they were wrong.  So, a la Lucy, they’ve moved the football.

Teicholz had the story in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal the other day, but it’s behind their payroll.  You can read the meat of it though (sorry) at Amy Alkon’s blog.