Reddi for action…

by David

Not a misprint; that’s his name!

Reddii Bull
Photo by Brooke Henley

He was Red Lad when he left Thistle Hill several years ago for Spring Pastures Farm near Middleton, Maryland. There, Brooke Henley immediately dubbed him Reddi.

He was a well-mannered young man…one of Wooz’ favorites. Now with 19 progeny on the ground and more to come, Brooke and her husband Tom Garnett have regretfully decided he should move on. In fact since this picture was taken, Reddi has already been sold to Keystone Farms in Pennsylvania.

The nice things Brooke says, coupled with “gushing” reviews of Thistle Hill bulls from Clark Farms, a commercial Angus operation in southwestern Virginia, prompts us to launch a series on the current young animals in our bull pen.

We probably spend too much time spotlighting our pure, traditional English herd to the slighting of our early Devon…which are largely based on Rotokawa genetics. This series will correct the balance and along the way highlight the wonderful blending of the two.

Thistle Hill probably has the widest selection anywhere of the progeny of Rotokawa bulls, personally bred in consultation with Ken McDowall.

As always we invite you to visit. Thistle Hill is in northern Virginia nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s a lovely time of the year to visit.