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The system circles the wagons…

..for 20 years I’ve been railing against glysophate…a chemical herbicide that Monsanto has been selling worldwide under the trade name “Round-up”. A number of studies have identified it as a carcinogen and a few farmers have successfully sued Monsanto for damages. Now however the EPA has declared glysophate entirely safe, putting millions of dollars in […]

Sometimes you gotta wonder….

….if that old joke isn’t true….that among the three greatest lies is “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”.   It seems the feds devote their greatest effort to what isn’t a problem…..finding ways to nitpick small farms and processors when all the  bad food is coming out of the industrial food chain. […]

Et tu, Vladimir….

….finally, Monsanto has met its match!  (Thanks to Lois Aylestock of Blue Ridge Meats for the link) Russia Has Decided To BAN The Use Of Genetically Modified Ingredients In All Food Production

What could possibly go wrong…..

….we keep coming up with new ways of killing ourselves.  Genetically modified organisms again.

The GMO crossroads….

….at least that’s what nationally-renowned food blogger Dr. Joseph Mercola calls it. Vermont won it’s battle recently to require that Big Ag label all genetically modified products.  The food giants…led by the grocers’ association…has been financing and campaign to block labeling and now is placing its money on politicians in Washington (always a safe bet). […]

Settled science….

….as a former professional skeptic (read, reporter) I always get suspicious when someone says “settled science”.  I’ve given up far too much coffee, wine, butter and bacon over my wasted years to ever again believe there is such a thing. But below a writer (gasp, from one of my former networks) builds a powerful argument that the […]

Round-up (glysophate) is just about everywhere…

….we’ve made the point here that genetically-modified foods may or may not pose a health risk, but there’s no doubt that the wide-spread use of Monsanto’s Round-up in raising GMO crops certainly does.  It’s also true that wheat farmers apply heavy doses of Round-up in their fields….and right before harvest….though wheat is not a GMO crop. […]

Look up chutzpah….

….and you’ll find the Monsanto logo. The evil genius of this gigantic corporation is demonstrated anew with its campaign to co-opt the National Honeybee Day.  Bees, like butterflies, have rapidly been disappearing from the planet…a critical threat to growers around the world. As reported by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Monsanto moved in (as it has into the […]

GMO foods…the extra ingredient…

….it’s never mentioned by supporters of GMO products….it’s not only the “food of the future” but “the wonder food”….perfectly.  Never said is that the only way these GMO foods get raised is with ever-increasing applications of herbicides. As the saying goes, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”. Here’s Dr. Joseph Mercola’s take: […]

On pork….

….we took guests this weekend to a nearby farm store.  As fellow pig breeders, I thought they would be interested in another approach to marketing pork. We’d tasted the sausage before and appreciated the flavor but without endorsing the management technique of using regular genetically-modified grain, plus day-old bread from a bakery (not only GM […]