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Something else not added to Thistle Hill meat….

….another warning about the weed killer that is killing you:  glyphosate.  It’s everywhere….in fact, I see garden sprays actually bragging on the label in big letters that it’s in their mix. I think it is also important to mention in connection with those industry studies which “prove” that genetically-modified foods are safe”.  One thing those […]

Just a rumor….

….but if I were still a reporter, I’d be on this one. There are reports in the Midwest that genetically-modified foods aren’t behaving as advertised and Monsanto has been buying-up old line seed companies. As I said, just rumor but maybe that chemical giant’s big bet may not be paying off.

GMO labels….the risk factor…

Big Ag and Big food have been waging an expensive, and mostly successful, campaign to block demands they label their genetically-modified products.  They rightly fear a GMO label will chase away some customers. But here’s an expert in the field of risk-analysis who says the Monsantos of the world are not thinking this through.  And […]

You have only a few days….

….to access an excellent roundup (sorry, bad choice of word) of the threat posed by the GMO industry.  Normally, this video is behind a paywall but you can access it now and through November 9th at no charge.

The bugs win!!!

An important milestone that won’t get much press coverage:  A top-level health officials say we have indeed “run the course” of antibiotics.  Super-bugs have won the battle and there’s nowhere we can turn. Just a few days ago, there was an article…one of dozens we’ve seen…worrying about where all this is headed.  But now, […]

GMO….what’s it worth to you….

….$15-million dollars or more if you’re Monsanto, DuPont, or your neighborhood supermarket and their buddies.  That’s how much they’re pouring into a fight in Washington State to prevent consumers from knowing whether they’re eating genetically-modified food. Most places in the world require a GMO warning label on food but not in the United States.  (Somehow Democrats […]

Myth busting – Part 3….

….I’m from the government and I’m here to protect you. Bt toxin has been around for a long time; a major ingredient in pesticides farmers use on crops such as corn.  But those clever folks at Monsanto developed Genetically Modified Corn that puts the Bt toxin right in the seed. Well, along with all the […]


….I’ve been feeling for some time that the recent group of pigs that we’ve been fattening were better-behaved than some in the past.  Truthfully, when pigs get about this size, I am on guard.  They’re powerful enough to knock you down.  And they’ve staggered me several times. Certainly, the pigs have been rough on each […]

Why we do what we do….

….because we love it, of course.  But also because we’re appalled by the quality of food Americans consume and want to do a little bit to resist the tide.  The people we know raising everything from organic lettuce to grass fed beef have pretty much the same quixotic attitude. We know we’re a “drop in […]

Move along…nothing to see here, folks….

….it’s just those fun folks at Monsanto messing with our food, again. The USDA reports Genetically Modified wheat has been found on an Oregon pasture.  That’s against the law, but the USDA and the FDA tell us not to worry….GM produce is perfectly safe. However, the Japanese apparently are not buying it….literally.