Settled science….

by David

….as a former professional skeptic (read, reporter) I always get suspicious when someone says “settled science”.  I’ve given up far too much coffee, wine, butter and bacon over my wasted years to ever again believe there is such a thing.

But below a writer (gasp, from one of my former networks) builds a powerful argument that the argument is over….genetically modified foods have won!  Anyone who blogs and doesn’t agree is a paid hack for the organic lobby.  Well, I wasn’t aware the “organic lobby” has enough money to spread around among journalists but I’ll check my mailbox later.

Meanwhile, in the interest of fairness, here is the link:

Actually, my view on GMOs is not so much against (though the herbicides that come with it are enough to put me in the “against” column) as “why bother”.  The problem isn’t that we can’t grow enough healthful food but that we can’t get politics out of the equation.  There’s a reason why Monsanto keeps its former executives going through the revolving door at the White House.

If I am firm on anything in the debate, it is that all food labels should declare all ingredients (in English) including GMOs!