“Stay with quality….

by David

….quality will always sustain you.”  That was the advice this butcher’s daddy gave him.  Lovely. Here’s a short film that is an ode to country bacon and ham and a man from Virginia who has made it his life’s work.  Heavily-salted bacon and ham are not my favorites but I’m not going to quibble with a man so obviously in love with what he does.


Now Thistle Hill bacon and hams are smoke-cured, the old-fashioned way, but there are no nitrates or other additives in our process.  Nor do our pigs receive hormones, antibiotics or other drugs as they grow.  Finally, they are raised on non-GMO feed.  We simply don’t know how to bacon and ham any safer.

Most of all, we think—just like Allan Benton—that it’s the best we’ve ever eaten.  If you’re nuts about bacon…we urge you to try ours.  Our pigs are raised on acorns, too.