Letters, we get letters (cont’d)….

by David

….and often the unexpected.  Recently we posted an item about one of our English heifers, Essington Park Buttercup.  Within hours we heard from a breeder in England we haven’t met—Martyn Heard—who farms near Exeter in Devon.

Martyn told us he had purchased Buttercup’s dam in the Essington Park dispersal sale and he wondered about the identity of Buttercup’s sire.  Well first, thanks for reading and thanks for writing.  If you have a chance, tell us more about how you’re doing with your new cows.

We AI-ed your cow at Bovine Genetics near Bishops Itchington to Ashott Barton’s Millennium Falcon.  He was bred by Shiamala Comer, still an excellent source for live bulls…some from the original Cutcombe Millennium, one of the three or four best bulls I’ve seen.  Again, please keep in touch.

The unexpected note made me check our statistics.  It appears we have about 4,000 regular visitors (unique, as they say) every month to our website….about that many track us on Facebook (which is where Martyn wrote us).  There’s no way we can know how much duplication there may be.

About 75% of our readers are from the US….with healthy readership in Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Australia.  There are also more than a few readers in Japan, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia, Argentina, France, and Spain.  After that there are one or two in places like Peru and the Sudan!

We thank you all….and when I look at the list….it makes me want to get more serious about this.  Then, we’ve just run out of water in Green Field and it’s time to replenish the minerals and……you know how it is.