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Congrats to our butcher….

….don’t know how I missed this, but Blue Ridge Meats in Front Royal, VA—better known around here as “our butcher”—received great press about a month ago in the Washington Post.  Doug and Lois Aylestock do it the right way and that’s why we selected them when we began selling beef (and later pork) direct from […]

In case you were wondering…..

….people are always coming up with value-added cuts.  For instance, the very latest idea is breeding Bacon Burgers.

Behind the scenes…..

….many, though probably not most, consumers of grass fed beef know the right questions to ask a farmer to be sure they’re getting the “real thing”.  The problem is most consumers don’t know their farmer, which is why we think buying “local” is just as important as buying “grass fed”. Simply put:  a good deal […]

Customer comments….

Lori S…. “❤ it!  Best sausage gravy ever!”  And Lori included a picture.  How about the recipe?  Lori “tried” our sausage and has now ordered a half pig. Lindsay S…. “My husband absolutely loves the sausage.  His all-time favorite!” Now about Thistle Hill beef: Dr. Elizabeth M…. “You have the best meat in town.  I […]

Driving a steak (sic) through the heart….

….of the fat and cholesterol nonsense. This week’s Dr. Joseph Mercola column sums up all the recent research on saturated fats and cholesterol and concludes we’ve been “had”.  Natural saturated fats are great for you….and so are high cholesterol numbers!  What? The real villain, of course, is sugar! So who sold us the bill of goods?  […]

The bugs win!!!

An important milestone that won’t get much press coverage:  A top-level health officials say we have indeed “run the course” of antibiotics.  Super-bugs have won the battle and there’s nowhere we can turn. Just a few days ago, there was an article…one of dozens we’ve seen…worrying about where all this is headed.  But now, […]

Beef on the way….

….starts with pulling the steers out of the main herd.  They all come into the pen, and it’s up to me(far right) to let a bunch out at a time checking tags and undersides.  They’re held briefly in that alley until Wooz (far center in white shirt) okays the return to the pasture. When we get a […]

We’re in the best of hands….

….a friend opined the other day that I was going a little far in my rants about Big Government.  He conceded the abuses but he said he’d rather have the safety of federal inspections than the alternative.  Turns out he…and we…have neither. Not to belabor the point:  know your farmer and know his processor.  […]

The antibiotic menace….

….is real and growing.  Antibiotics are not used primarily to treat sick animals, but as a weight enhancer.  They’re at least as effective as growth hormones but, just to be sure, commercial producers of meat use both.  In fact, antibiotics are used more in farming than among humans. Dr. David Kessler, a former commissioner of […]

Still more on marketing grass fed beef….

….my recent post on the price disadvantage American producers face when competing against foreign grass fed beef (see below “Roundtable:  Can I make money selling grass fed beef) needs some fine tuning.  My point was that I pay almost four times as much for butchering as my competitor in Tasmania.  And so foreign beef can absorb […]