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We’re in the best of hands….

….a friend opined the other day that I was going a little far in my rants about Big Government.  He conceded the abuses but he said he’d rather have the safety of federal inspections than the alternative.  Turns out he…and we…have neither. Not to belabor the point:  know your farmer and know his processor.  […]

The antibiotic menace….

….is real and growing.  Antibiotics are not used primarily to treat sick animals, but as a weight enhancer.  They’re at least as effective as growth hormones but, just to be sure, commercial producers of meat use both.  In fact, antibiotics are used more in farming than among humans. Dr. David Kessler, a former commissioner of […]

Still more on marketing grass fed beef….

….my recent post on the price disadvantage American producers face when competing against foreign grass fed beef (see below “Roundtable:  Can I make money selling grass fed beef) needs some fine tuning.  My point was that I pay almost four times as much for butchering as my competitor in Tasmania.  And so foreign beef can absorb […]

Roundtable: Can I make money selling grass fed beef?

It’s a question that comes up whenever a new Devon breeder recognizes the gourmet quality of the meat in his pasture:  can I sell this animal at a reasonable profit or do I have to settle for the price dictated by the auction barn?  That same new Devon breeder also quickly becomes discouraged when he […]

Comparison shopping….

Our son-in-law Curt sends a picture of the grass fed beef case at the Central Market in Dallas.  We found the prices, let’s say, “impressive”.  Of course, there are all those wealthy oil men out in Texas.  We followed (in parentheses) with the Thistle Hill price, assuming any individual cuts were available. Filet Mignon      31.99       (22.00) […]

Sign up for Thistle Hill beef….

This note from a neighbor and customer reminds me that we haven’t invited you to try Thistle Hill beef for yourself: We had DELICIOUS (Thistle Hill) t-bone steaks last night…cooked rare! Emphasis is the writer’s.  In the past few years, we’ve been unable to keep up with the demand but we have been setting aside some […]

What’s in a name – 2

…continuing our rant about labeling (See What’s in a Name below)… Our daughter, Carolyn, is a cancer surgeon in Texas though her career has moved more and more to nutrition and integrative medicine.  She is now the director of the Baylor Medical Center integrative medicine department and it was in that role she was interviewed […]

The looming meat “cliff”….

…and we could be falling off that, too. Kit Pharo linked to the drought monitor today and it demonstrates that while the drought over much of the country is forgotten….it certainly isn’t gone! The drought has forced many ranchers we know in the Midwest and West to cut back their herds or even close […]

Planning ahead…

…a few months back we initiated a sign-up program for our neighbors who wanted to reserve grass fed beef and pastured pork.  That seems to have worked well, with most people finding it convenient to program their freezer supplies to make room for our meat packs. The final steer in that series will be coming […]

We get letters….

….whenever we send out our latest boxes of beef and pork.  Those who are new to Thistle Hill meat apparently never quite believe what we’ve been saying:  not only is it healthy but it’s delicious. Here’s an email we just received about our PorkPak from Susan B.: We are so enjoying the pork we purchased […]