Meat alert…

by David

Thistlehill Farm Roasr

Here’s just a sample of what you’ve been missing if you’ve been waiting to try Thistle Hill beef.

This roast was slow cooked in Baltimore and our customer said he didn’t even have to use a knife.  Note the interior, tasty fat in the meat.

More than half our regulars order a quarter….that’s close to 100 pounds and is priced at $7.50 actual package weight! Others order a half at $7.25.

With preference given to the largest orders we seldom have individual cuts for sale; but we urge you to ask. If we get enough requests we can set aside a portion of the next animals.

Needless to say (but we always do) our beef is absolutely grass finished (not just fed but grass finished), absolutely without hormones, absolutely without drugs or chemicals of any kind!

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