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Happy New Year!!!

The Big Boys might call this a “line extension”. Son Curt was recently invited to a special Chinese New Year’s dinner featuring Thistle Hill Farms beef tongue, pigs feet and jelly fish. Truth in blogging: the jelly fish is not from our pond. Nor are the chicken feet. Curt reports the tongue was excellent. Less […]

The Radical Homemaker…

…is the pen name for Shannon Hayes. She was born and raised on a grass fed Milking Devon farm in upstate New York. Back in the day Shannon’s father was an inspiration to many of us getting started in this grass fed business. Shannon and her husband and children have long since joined her parents […]

Meat alert…

Here’s just a sample of what you’ve been missing if you’ve been waiting to try Thistle Hill beef. This roast was slow cooked in Baltimore and our customer said he didn’t even have to use a knife.  Note the interior, tasty fat in the meat. More than half our regulars order a quarter….that’s close to […]

The perfect steak…

..ok, begins at Thistle Hill. But Church found a way to gild the lily. Apparently these cookers have been around quite awhile but pricey. (Now, Amazon has them for $160-180). Basically you put the steak in a plastic bag…remove the air…and slow cook in water at a temp of 135 degrees. He deployed one of […]

Suspicions confirmed…

…for some time I’ve felt we as an industry have been harvesting our beef at too young an age. First let me say I am skeptical of the results of the Mad Cow scare of some years back. Even more skeptical of the cure…permitting bone-in cuts only for animals under 30 months. Whatever triggers Mad […]

This just in…

…all natural grass fed, grass finished beef!  Now there’s a delicious mouthful…and nutritious, too! Thistle Hill Farm is back in full operation now under the direction of grandson Church Humphreys.  Our focus remains the marketing of the very best Devon seedstock but that doesn’t mean we can’t set aside a limited number of animals for […]

Congrats to our butcher….

….don’t know how I missed this, but Blue Ridge Meats in Front Royal, VA—better known around here as “our butcher”—received great press about a month ago in the Washington Post.  Doug and Lois Aylestock do it the right way and that’s why we selected them when we began selling beef (and later pork) direct from […]

In case you were wondering…..

….people are always coming up with value-added cuts.  For instance, the very latest idea is breeding Bacon Burgers.

Behind the scenes…..

….many, though probably not most, consumers of grass fed beef know the right questions to ask a farmer to be sure they’re getting the “real thing”.  The problem is most consumers don’t know their farmer, which is why we think buying “local” is just as important as buying “grass fed”. Simply put:  a good deal […]

Customer comments….

Lori S…. “❤ it!  Best sausage gravy ever!”  And Lori included a picture.  How about the recipe?  Lori “tried” our sausage and has now ordered a half pig. Lindsay S…. “My husband absolutely loves the sausage.  His all-time favorite!” Now about Thistle Hill beef: Dr. Elizabeth M…. “You have the best meat in town.  I […]